• Drug and Alcohol Counseling
    1999 - 2021 Delaware Technical and Community College

  • Psychology
    2021 - 2021 Wilmington University

Work Experience

  • 07-12-2020 - 12-12-2020
    Psychotherapeutic Social Worker III

    •Interviewed patients, clients, family members and/or persons deemed necessary to obtain the most complete case history.

    •Referred or assigned cases to appropriate unit or staff for effective service delivery.

    •Oversees the operation of a psychiatric social work unit.

    •Provided technical guidance to professional and para-professional staff in a psychiatric setting, and monitors subordinates to assure quality level of services.

  • 03-09-2018 - 27-12-2018
    Substance Abuse Counselor

    • Maintain a caseload of 13 inmates

    • Weekly re-entry education groups

    • Daily progress notes

    • Provided direct rehabilitative services to persons who have a substance use disorder and require residential supervision.

    • Completed and performed assessments of new clients to the program.

    • Implemented and monitored individual and group structured goal plans.

    • Observe and document client behavior on a daily and weekly basis and communicate observations to managing supervisor.

    • Participated in treatment team consultations and attend weekly staff meetings.

  • 02-01-2017 - 28-09-2017
    Counselor (CADC)

    • Maintain caseload of 7 clients

    • Weekly individual and treatment planning

    • Lead Status Group

    • Provided individual and group counseling services

    • Conducted individual counseling for my client case load in order to assist them with recognizing triggers of substance abuse and developing appropriate coping mechanisms to continue recovery while preventing relapses

    • Lead Encounter Group

  • 09-06-2014 - 20-04-2015
    Case Manager

    • Maintain caseload of 30 client including monthly individual sessions and treatment planning

    • Audit charts for all counselors

    • Lead Phase Group

    • Lead Caseload Group

    • Mediate with Case managers

  • 07-05-2012 - 25-06-2014
    Recovery Specialist

    • Perform safety searches on newly arrived patients; orient new patient to the unit

    • Lead Recovery Group daily

    • Lead Goals Group, if need be

    • Manage hospital responsibilities such has being attentive to the health of patients and report any odd behavior, check vital signs daily

    • Provide a broad range of paraprofessional, behavioral health services for clients of substance abuse and mental health population

    • Use counseling skills to deescalate upset patients

  • 11-10-2010 - 23-05-2012
    Clinical Case Manager

    • Maintained a caseload of 35 patients, inclusive of all paperwork and patient contact

    • Acted as liaison between patients and fellow case managers, psychiatrists, and administrators

    • Provide quality clinical services and case management to assigned clients

    • Maintain charts and all clinical documentations: treatment plans, reviews, progress notes, and processed discharge paper work on a daily basis

    • Provided training and understanding of clinical interventions, harm reduction techniques, policies and procedures of the agency with staff

    • Provided a full range of therapeutic services including, but not limited to, group counseling, individual counseling, educational groups, and health and wellness groups including healthcare etc.

    • Counsel and advise clients on behavioral problem, decision making and resolutions

    • Oriented new patients to program

  • 07-06-2004 - 21-09-2007
    Drug Diversion Program Coordinator

    • Acted as liaison between counselors, patients, and judicial staff (including judges, commissioners)

    • Evaluated and reported patient progress as patient worked closer to discharge

    • Increased learning in the judicial aspect of treatment and the benefits and/or consequences that go along with the legal system

    • Extended education and training to staff, students (interns), patients, and community groups

    • Continued knowledge of working as a team and reporting findings to the administrative board

    • Assessed new patients through evaluation and report the level of care that would most benefit the patient

  • 12-01-1999 - 01-06-2004
    Support Staff

    • Learned the importance of MDT meetings

    • Helped to assist patient realize and identified personal autonomy

    • Made recommendations to improve efficiency of patient\'s transition into the program.

Professional Skills

Group therapy
Treatment Planning
Individual Counseling
Narrative Reporting


  • 2021
    Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society